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Stories are creative drivers. They move us and shape us; they inspire and change us. Stories are as old as humans. They were pantomimed around fires and drawn on cave walls and in pyramids. We tell stories to ourselves, to our children, and to each other. Stories bring us together, and sometimes, they move us apart. But mostly, stories are a glimpse into hope, imagination, and all that we are capable of.

Storytelling is even older than language. Stories draw us in. Stories captivate us and teach us.

How we tell stories today may have changed, but the desire to engage with honest, authentic, and motivating stories has not.

The campfire may have turned digital, but people are still human. And humans are still drawn to a good story.

At Kre’Adiv House, telling good stories is what we do. And telling YOUR story is what we’re most passionate about. We want to be a part of that narrative; we want to help construct that narrative.

Whether it’s helping you tell your story better, or helping it reach a bigger audience, telling your unique, authentic story is what motivates us.

Crafting a story that will inspire, resonate, and motivate you, your brand, and your audience is our passion.

  • That’s what we do.
  • What’s your story?
  • Let us help you tell it.

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We’re an award-winning, full-service, integrated marketing and communications company working together to bring YOUR story to life. We put creative design, content, marketing, digital, web, social, and brand development under one roof to create an all-encompassing, multi-tiered, and authentic narrative that illustrates your story.

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What clients are saying

We have used the marketing services of Kre'Adiv House since its inception and find their creativity, superb copywriting, ability to stay well ahead of the market, their deep knowledge of the digital scene for SEO, SEM and digital marketing in general, is beyond exceptional. As well, their video production department is excellent. We now regularly use the videos they produce for us on-line and in our training program. They respond quickly to our needs and their solutions have helped keep us in the # 1 position in our industry. They are a pleasure to work with.I highly recommend Kre'Adiv House for all advertising, marketing, video and internet needs.
R. Nick, Ph.D.
Booch Organic Kombucha has thoroughly enjoyed working with Kre'Adiv House for all our marketing needs. Having shared values with our business partners is imperative for Booch. The KH team shares our values in regards to health promotion and environmentally sustainable business practices. From Video creation to graphic design and writing blogs, there is not anything the KH team cannot do. Glenn, Roula, and the entire team are truly gifted in taking our ideas and turning them into something that will resonate with our target market and help tell our brands' story. Thanks KH team!
The Booch Team
When I decided to open a vegan restaurant, I put the marketing needs in the hands of a team I already knew to be capable of transformative actions. Before we even opened the doors at the restaurant, the team had created a palpable brand identity and social media presence that I know played a large part on helping catapult my side project to become one of the busiest restaurants in town. When I have an idea they turn it into an action and I trust them to always be on-point in capturing the essence of what Plant Matter Kitchen is about.
Plant Matter Kitchen
"I approached Kre'Adiv House to design a website for my new company Sterk Security Solutions. I immediately felt comfortable with Kre'Adiv House and they helped me understand the importance of what is required for an effective website. The result was a professional page that draws attention and ensures that we are able to compete in today's business market. I found the experience working with Kre'Adiv House exceptional, everyone one of their staff are professional, relaxed and knowledgeable in the field of website design. I would strongly recommend Kre'Adiv House to anyone."
Brian Van Veen, President, Sterk Security Solutions