custom advertising
keeping track of diverse advertising requests

pain point

Too Many One-Offs

Every location within a franchise system has unique advertising needs based on their community. Keeping track of a brand’s localized advertising is important to measuring campaign effectiveness and overall ROI. How can franchisor keep track of which locations are advertising where and using which collateral? Spreadsheets are only so effective and lack the ability of real-time communication.

Custom Advertising

the solution

ad request system

Create a system whereby franchisees can select basic ad campaigns, add customization, track progress and timelines, and review advertising activity for their locations.

increased franchisee business development engagement by 48%

Created a selection of 17 Ad Categories with 97 different template options to support franchisees collective & unique ad requirements

Averaged over 65 monthly custom requests per location to meet growing advertising demands

Built out 9 customizable fields allowing franchisees further customization per Ad request

the results

Simplification & Customized Ad Delivery

  • Streamline outbound communication
  • Create a design on-request system
  • Monitor and track performance
  • Provide best-strategies coaching

Digitizing and simplifying the Ad Request process for franchisees made creating customized ads for franchise locations a much more effective process. At a glance, performance managers can review the frequency and efficacy of a branch’s community advertising while also offering a better control of maintaining brand standards in diverse communities.

If ensuring your locations are using the correct advertising strategies, ask us how we can develop a system to better manage customization requests and ensure brand standards are being maintained.

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