talent, expertise & drive
Harmonization, synchronicity, and a clear focus are the backbone of our teamwork.

Copywriting, design, programming, video, social, admin, strategy. Leveraging the diverse and specific skills of the team allows us to offer a comprehensive marketing service to take your project to the next level. A full-scope marketing company with capabilities honed over years of application, our skills can bring your brand vision to life!

Kre’Adiv Vision
Glenn Whitehead

Big sky thinker Glenn is the head honcho at Kre’Adiv House with 20 plus years in effective strategy implementation, team development, and industry building.

Kre’Adiv marketing & communications

Sarah Jennings


Kre’Adiv content

Martina Lavoie

Kre’Adiv design

Brent Avdovich

Kre’Adiv digital

Dylan Whitehead

Kre’Adiv web

Ray Brown

Kre’Adiv digital analyst

Grant Campbell

Derek Orr

Kre’Adiv content

Derek Orr

“We have been honoured to work with Kre’Adiv House for many years. They provide franchisees with top-of-the-line marketing concepts while staying true to our brand. As our all-encompassing advertising agency, Kre’Adiv House takes care of all of our needs.”

Lenka Whitehead
Oxford Learning Centres, Inc, President

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