group buying
leveraging the power of the group buy

pain point

Poor Market Penetration

Advertising budgets only go so far; franchise locations attempting to achieve market penetration individually are rarely successful. Individual communication efforts result in inconsistent messages being heard in the marketplace thus reducing the overall impact of the strategy.With conflicting messaging being heard at the community level, achieving brand recognition becomes nearly impossible.

Group Buying

400 million brand impressions

A unified strategy leveraging the buying power of the group leads to greater marketplace visibility

140% overall website traffic

Strategic cohesion drives visibility and leads to large growth in site traffic and click through rates.

27% growth
lead generation

Increased market visibility and web presence drive more leads than the previous year

the solution

simplify and unify

Develop a system to save individual franchisees time and effort on localized advertising by streamlining their communication efforts, harmonize many strategies into a single strategy, and develop a process whereby individual franchisees work collectively as a group rather than as single units.

  • increase brand presence
  • save money
  • secure impressions in diverse media streams
  • reach a greater audience

the results

market share growth

By working collectively using the new unified advertising system, franchisees saw greater results than by working individually. Calls and web hits were up and market share increased from less than 8% to over 25%.

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