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With 20 years of hands-on franchise marketing experience, Kre’Adiv House’s expertise lies in strategically unifying large-scope organizations and keeping all parts working in tandem toward a single end goal: growth.

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Formerly the in-house marketing department for an international franchise system with 120+ locations across Canada, 30 in the U.S, and a burgeoning international division, our award-winning team has affected large-scale growth for franchise-based organizations through creative copy & eye-catching design, integrated & systematic processes, and clear, focused communication objectives that help brands of all sizes leave a bigger footprint in the marketplace.

Learn more about how Kre’Adiv House provides solutions for franchise and multi-unit based businesses!

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providing solutions for franchise and multi-unit businesses

Don’t let a gap between vision and execution hinder your brand from achieving marketplace success! Using time-tested digital and traditional marketing strategies paired with creative strategic solutions, London, Ontario-based Kre’Adiv House helps both franchise brands & multi-unit businesses bridge the gap between internal processes & external marketing in order to leave a bigger footprint in the marketplace.

Oxford Learning

Operating since 1984, Oxford Learning is the largest franchise provider of after-school tutoring services in Canada with over 120 locations from coast-to-coast. Oxford Learning helps thousands of Canadian students improve how they think and learn…

Blue Crayon

Curriculum developers Blue Crayon, Inc. develop proprietary curriculum, placement forms, and training manuals for the supplemental education industry. The education experts at Blue Crayon also facilitate skill-testing and program placement via assessment…


Coalition for Kids International is a not-for-profit organization that runs group mission programs for Canadian teens in Europe to help grant wishes and deliver gifts to critically ill children in Poland. Each two-week trip empowers teens and young…


Booch Organic Kombucha brings an ancient Chinese elixir to the modern marketplace. The Booch team runs their company with an eco-friendly, socially conscious, and community driven ethos that’s committed to nourishing neighbours and balancing the…

Plant Matter Kitchen

Plant Matter Kitchen is one of only two vegan restaurants operating in London, Ontario. A lifelong passion project for 30-plus year vegetarian and often vegan, Glenn Whitehead wanted to bring his love of plant-based, compassionate, homestyle cuisine…

Sterk Security Solutions

Bringing security training to the marketplace and offering on-site security solutions to diverse industries from events to institutions helps Sterk set the industry standard for enforceable security methods. With an established presence in the enforcement…

“Ultimately, Kre’Adiv House act as visionaries in brand management. By providing creative solutions that support the distinct regions, they help franchisees achieve their unique advertising goals. They were a clear choice for the 2019 FAC Award.”

Irene Brintalos
Oxford Learning franchisee

200+ Locations

Canada & U.S.

20+ Sectors

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