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Creative Director
Plant Matter Kitchen
Plant Matter Kitchen is one of only two vegan restaurants operating in London, Ontario. A lifelong passion project for 30-plus year vegetarian and often vegan, Glenn Whitehead wanted to bring his love of plant-based, compassionate, homestyle cuisine and his passion for supporting local business under one roof, creating a community-building space that not only serves great vegan food, but also spreads awareness about the importance of putting good food first for health, for the environment, and for animal welfare.
Services Provided
Part of Plant Matter Kitchen’s inception, Kre’Adiv House has had an active role in helping shape the Plant Matter Kitchen brand, including being involved in all aspects of the marketing strategies required to launch and continually support this popular plant-based restaurant in popular Wortley Village.
  • Branding
  • Content Development
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Signage
  • Menu Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Video Creation
Glenn Whitehead
Glenn Whitehead Founder
When I decided to open a vegan restaurant, I put the marketing needs in the hands of a team I already knew to be capable of transformative actions. Before we even opened the doors at the restaurant, the team had created a palpable brand identity and social media presence that I know played a large part on helping catapult my side project to become one of the busiest restaurants in town. When I have an idea they turn it into an action and I trust them to always be on-point in capturing the essence of what Plant Matter Kitchen is about.

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